Starting from the bottom, Jerome worked as a PA at HSI Productions at a very young age where he learned how the office worked then ventured out to working on actual sets where he watched directors such as Hype Williams, Sam Bayer, Paul Hunter, Little x, Chris Robinson, Michael Haussman, Joseph Kahn, Johan Renck, Jonas Akurlund, and many more. Jerome took that knowledge to Art Center Pasadena where he spent one whole term dropping out to create his own path eventually linking up with an independent record label called TDE. Jerome would help create a look and aesthetic for the label which helped propel his name throughout the industry. With a knack for writing and storytelling, a cinematic visual style, and with editing all his work, Jerome D. sees each picture through from inception to completion.

* Jerome has been nominated for three VMAs

-Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” (Best Hip Hop, Best Male 2013)

- Afrojack feat. Ty Dolla $ign “Gone” (Best Dance 2017)